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Join the Big Data Starter Kit for Developers Beta Program

Infochimps Big Data Starter Kit makes it possible for enterprise developers to quickly and easily create Big Data applications.

Infochimps Big Data Starter Kit packages the Infochimps Wukong developer framework together with sample data and algorithms.  Developers will be able to run and execute the included example application with sample log data and use it as a launching point for their own applications. 

The Big Data Starter Kit empowers enterprise developers to:

  • Locally (e.g., on their laptop) simulate real-time ingestion or analytics pipelines as well as batch Hadoop map/reduce jobs using samples of real data

  • Focus on business logic, well-documented code, and comprehensive testing for a secure and robust application; not on complex, time-consuming Big Data systems management

  • Leverage a Rails-like agile application development environment which encourages agile development - iteration, collaboration, testing, and continuous improvement